quotemarks  It has been an absolute privilege to work alongside Lisa over the past 4 years & to be blessed by the depth of knowledge that she carries regarding all things health, but most notably nutrition. The birth of her most recent child has solidified my faith in her nutritional approach as he is one of the healthiest babes I have ever met: he is truly radiant. Lisa is not only deeply knowledgeable in her craft, she is also extremely passionate about what she does; she practices what she preaches & pours her heart into every moment of it. As a patient of Lisa’s you will be inspired to have the healthiest family possible & will feel deeply nourished by her care, support, wisdom & passion. Lisa is a blessing to the future generations.

Dr. Sarah Roth (Berrett) ND

quotemarksI wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your help with Carter, his transition over the last month has been nothing short of amazing!  He is a different boy, he has put on 4 pounds since we saw you, he no longer has bags under his eyes, he no longer complains of stomach aches and is always full of energy!  We have had some major colds go through our house and he did not catch anything! He is loving all the new foods / dishes you suggested and is always asking for seconds!

I honestly believe Carter would not be doing as amazing as he is if it weren’t for you.  I came to you with a bunch of puzzle pieces of information that I had no idea what to do with… all the ‘don’t eat this but do eat that’.  You gave me the guidance to take these pieces and fit them into our hectic life in a way that my kids were willing to eat all the new foods.  They have been loving the new choices!  I can’t thank you enough for all the information and guidance.”

Jenna, Mama of Twins ~

quotemarks  Lisa is a Godsend!  With my third baby I felt stuck about how to introduce solid foods; I wanted to approach it more thoughtfully than I had with my first 2 kids.  I ran into Lisa Hewitt, this beauty, who specializes in just that!  I’d like to express what incredible value this is for a family!  During our first consultation, Lisa took into consideration the way our family eats, & also my mothering style.  With her guidance, I’ve been inspired & shown how to feed my baby homemade, nutritious food, high in nutrients & introduced gently to honour development & digestive maturity.  No charts (which change every few years anyway), & no ‘one size fits all’ manual.

Lisa is brilliant, passionate, creative & dedicated to creating a solid nutritional foundation for your baby. I have felt such joy during this process, & have been delighted to prepare meals with love while providing natural, whole foods, totally ‘outside the box’ as she calls it.  We are having so much fun!  Thank you Lisa!”

Charis, Mama of 3

quotemarks  I wanted to equip myself with all the right tools to go through my pregnancy as healthy, happy & educated as possible.  Lisa provided me not only with the tools to do so, but also with a blue print of how to navigate these precious 9 months.  We covered so much more than just nutrition including prenatal supplementation, non-toxic baby products, homeopathy, childbirth resources & also recommendations for physical support such as acupuncture, chiropractic care & massage which I found extremely beneficial.  Lisa’s passion for educating her clients is what makes her one of the best Nutritionists in the industry.  You will be in great & capable hands with Lisa Hewitt!”

Manuela, Pregnant & Thankful

quotemarks  Lisa has so much to offer & has been a wealth of knowledge & an important part of my family’s health; she helped us more than anyone in the health care field ever has.  The information & support she provided was thorough, informative, well researched, & full of heart.  My experience with her has been immensely valuable.  I am deeply grateful.”

Anita, Mama of 4

quotemarks  I was referred to Lisa when my daughter (age 5) had been having stomach pain & considerable changes in behavior, daily, for over 6 months.  Some days my daughter couldn’t get off the couch from the pain, she missed a lot of school, & was very tired.  I was told repeated times (by medical professionals) it was the ‘stomach flu’, but intuitively this didn’t feel right to me.

Lisa is very welcoming & calm; after a thorough nutrition & health analysis (including an overview of the tests we had already done), Lisa was able to pinpoint some foods & imbalances which she thought could be problematic for my daughter & the root cause of her stomach pain.  She was very patient & clear while explaining the necessary steps for healing.  She was straightforward that it may take some time & require some significant adjustments due to the severity of our case.

She was an amazing resource & provided so much guidance over the next 6 months.  She advised me on vitamins for my children & offered hands on support for finding appropriate foods since much of this was new to meI trusted her advice & followed through with full commitment.  Within one week of removing dairy, gluten & sugar, my daughter’s stomach aches were 90% gone & over the next 3 months, I saw her energy come back. 

I recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to look at health from a holistic perspective & who needs support for food allergies / sensitivities / children’s vitamins & nutrition.  I am so happy with this process!  Thank you Lisa, for all your help.”

Alexandra, Mama of 2

quotemarks Lisa has literally been my angel this year.  She found me at a time in my life when I was more ill than ever before.  I felt “off” all the time and it was a struggle to do anything outside of my house. I tried to eat healthy and take vitamins but I really didn’t know what I was doing to heal my body – and that’s coming from someone who loves natural health!  I was astounded by Lisa’s knowledge.  She provided me with so much information and gave me an actionable plan.  After about a week the brain fog started to clear – I didn’t feel like a complete zombie anymore.  After 3 weeks I felt like my old self again and had energy for the first time in months!  The value that you get with Lisa is priceless; she explained things about my health that I have never had a doctor tell me before.  She truly cares which is very rare. I recommend her to everyone!”

Jennifer Ann ~

quotemarks  Lisa! Your book has rescued me from the sea of ignorance!  H is my first baby (6.5 months) and I knew nothing about how to introduce solid foods.  I had no plan for how to introduce veggies or fruits.  We had given him rice cereal twice before I came across your book….and the rice cereal is now a thing of the past!

We started with the Zuchinni Purée and yesterday I made the Happy Carrots Purée   H has also had some finger foods – cucumber and zucchini.  We have offered him lemon and orange slices to suck on and he has happily taken both of them.  In fact he has loved everything.  We are so grateful!  Your work and your information have had significant impact on our household!!  Thank you again for your book….it was, I believe, divinely delivered to my hands exactly when I needed it!!”

Jackie, Mama of 1 ~

quotemarksIn my experience as an MD, I have come to appreciate the vital importance of nutrition in prenatal health and early development, and the paucity of high quality information and guidance. Lisa’s approach to nutrition in this delicate and critical time period is rooted in sound knowledge and research, and validated by her own wisdom from tried and tested experience. She walks her talk. Her integrity, along with her warmth and empathy, inspired and empowered me to be able to do the same. I appreciated her practical handout materials, and timely follow-up. As a mother, I felt very validated and supported during this vulnerable time. Truly, Lisa’s passion and dedication to this field are a gift to the health of moms and babes. I wholeheartedly recommend her services in the investment towards the good health of you and your child.”

Dr. Tania Murynka BSc,MD, CCFP(PC), Mama of 1 ~

quotemarks  Lisa has been an integral part of our clinic team since we first opened in 2011.  Her knowledge & passion are what draw many people to seek her out to improve their health.  She is constantly learning & developing her skills & the wisdom that she imparts to her clients is life changing.

Dr. Lindsay Irwin ND –Owner Marda Loop Naturopathic & Wellness Clinic

quotemarksWhen it comes to Holistic Nutrition, there is no one I would recommend more highly than Lisa! Not only does Lisa have a wonderful spirit, she is also brimming full of fresh ideas and inspiration. I had the great pleasure of working with Lisa while introducing solids to my little boy. With Lisa’s passion in pregnancy and infant nutrition, she was the perfect person to help us through this confusing and sometimes overwhelming first step. We are looking forward to continuing this journey with Lisa as my little one grows and as we as a family make some positive life changes to the way we eat. Lisa approaches every situation as a unique challenge and customizes consultations with your individual lifestyle in mind.  She does all this while being warm, engaging and genuinely compassionate: she loves what she does and it shows!”

Robyn Cowie Midwife, Mama of 1 ~

quotemarks  I first started seeing Lisa 4 years ago; I was interested in making lifestyle / diet improvements & hoped to reduce my seasonal allergies as well as my pet sensitivities.  She encouraged me to consider that these symptoms are often secondary to an underlying issue.  I’m going to be honest when I say I was hopeful, & skeptical all at once!

After she did a (thorough!) health & nutrition assessment (including a food sensitivity test), I consulted with her on a fairly regular basis & made some significant improvements over the months to come.  I noticed a dramatic change in my energy levels & experienced my first Spring with only very minor allergies.  Over the next few years, my allergies have disappeared – this is without exaggeration.  I also now own a cat, when previously I couldn’t be in a room with one without reacting.

I started this process with an open mind, but didn’t realize the depth of healing that can occur from clean eating, a personalized supplement plan, & natural remedies alone.  Lisa also taught me a lot about how to navigate an industry saturated in promises & health claims, but less so about true health.  Lisa’s approach is refreshing & unintimidating; she is very down to earth!  She offered me clear recommendations, while allowing me to move at a pace that felt natural.  Thank you Lisa.”

Kevin, Father of 2

quotemarksFrom birth, my little guy had severe burn-like eczema that we couldn’t get under control.  We tried to treat it externally for months but nothing was working.  We used every cream available to us and changed our laundry soap ten times over.  Less baths, more baths, more oil, less oil.  It was exhausting and heart breaking to see our son like that.

We met Lisa and her knowledge and passion for solving what seemed to be an impossible task was immediately apparent.  She had clear direction for how we were going to work towards healing his eczema, from the inside.  She was honest and forthcoming about the commitment it was going to take to address this.  She was encouraging and reassuring that although it was going to take work, I could do it and get through the next few months.

Lisa was there for us every step of the way offering support and guidance daily if needed.  It was clear that she was just as passionate about our son’s skin as we were!  Not only did she offer support for his eczema, she helped us with the introduction of solids and explained how certain foods would impact our little guy.

Lisa is an inspiration to me as a mother; I could not have gone through this without her.  I highly recommend her if you’re passionate about your baby’s health and are looking for nutritional support that is trustworthy and from the heart.  Thank you so much Lisa!  We are forever grateful for you!”

Gemma Mama of 1 ~

quotemarks I contacted Lisa a few days after delivering my baby; being a first time mom those first few days and weeks at home are intense with everything so new.  The recovery stage is so important and I didn’t know much about it, I had so many questions.  Lisa was there to provide me with guidance and support.  As I wasn’t really able to leave the house, she provided me with her expertise and knowledge via the phone. Super convenient!  She provided quick feedback and information which was extremely helpful.  Those first days back at home with my newborn definitely made it a bit easier with Lisa’s help and the road to recovery for me quite a bit easier. Thank you Lisa!”

Anita Mama of 1 ~

quotemarks  Lisa has helped my family immensely!  I have worked with her since my son (now 6) was 2 years old.  I’ve always been interested in holistic health; Lisa has become my go-to person for nutrition, supplementation, homeopathic medicine, & the ‘alternative’ health industry in general.  Her knowledge base is very vast & her passion is contagious!  She has also been an incredible resource for finding appropriate health providers when our needs weren’t within her scope of practice.  Lisa is an inspiring practitioner & Mother!  I truly value & am very thankful for the knowledge & compassion she has shared with my family.”

Lisa, Mama of 1

quotemarks  Lisa is an incredibly knowledgeable and truly authentic mama and nutritionist who delivers her message both in person and in her books, with passion and fact.  Her non-judgemental, sincere, and kind-hearted candor make learning from her an absolute joy.  She makes the nitty gritty of nutrition feel totally accessible and do-able – very much appreciated from a busy mom of 2.  I would highly recommend her services or ebooks to any mama / family, and I look forward to connecting with her again in the future. “

Stephanie, Mama of 2 ~







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