Starting Solids eBook Guide

Holistic Food Introductions is a 5-part ebook guide which covers all methods for starting solids with a keen focus on fresh, vibrant, and real food for baby.  This series helps simplify what may feel overwhelming by providing a rich understanding about how to navigate some of the conflicting opinions for which strategy, philosophy, or foods are truly best while allowing parents to find a method that feels right for their family.

With over 100 pages of content these guidebooks will provide education + inspiration + information firmly rooted in holistic principles for infant nutrition, radiant health, and overall wellness for babies.

* Ideal for babies between the ages of 0 – 24 months.


Purees + Baby Led Eating

Provides parents with the foundation for starting solids offering a comprehensive guideline for which foods to begin with + why, how often to give them, and how to find an approach for solids that feels right for both parents + the baby.

Purees + Baby Led Eating maintains a keen focus on preparing nutritious purees or finger foods, and also helps define the gradual breast or bottle feeding changes so parents can relax knowing that baby is properly nourished.


  • Signs of Readiness
  • Which Foods First
  • How Often
  • Purees
  • Baby Led Eating
  • Safety for Baby

Navigating Food Allergies + Healthy Eating Habits

Offers clear information on how to navigate food allergies or sensitivities by introducing foods that are in-tune with digestive maturity or foods which may benefit from being delayed.

With appreciation for our earliest experiences at mealtime making the greatest long-term impression, Healthy Eating Habits will provide guidance + tips for sparking the love of food from the very beginning.


  • Allergy vs Intolerance
  • Typical Food Reaction
  • How to Proceed
  • Foods to Delay
  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Picky Littles

Necessary Nutrients + Supplements for Baby

Outlines exemplary nutrition for the most impressionable years of life by defining not only the nutrients baby needs for optimal growth, but also foods that will offer protection by nurturing a healthy immune system.

Necessary Nutrients also identifies age-appropriate foods that best support development + a healthy digestive system, ultimately providing the foundation for long-term nourishment, wellness, and vitality.


  • Iron Rich Foods
  • Healthy Fats
  • Calcium Rich Foods
  • Traditional Foods
  • Probiotic Rich Foods
  • Vegetarian Babies
  • Supplements for Baby

Recipes + Inspiring Resources

The ultimate collection of nutrient-dense recipes suitable for babies from day one of solids taking them all the way through a healthful toddlerhood.  Includes 40+ wholesome recipes featuring purees, finger foods, vegetarian or animal loving options, traditional foods including a nourishing bone broth recipe, herbal inspirations, and nutritious smoothies + green drinks suitable for babies.  Also includes my preferred websites, food bloggers, and holistic cookbooks for the whole family.


  • Purees + Finger Foods
  • Breakfast for Baby
  • Drinks for Baby
  • Teething Tea
  • Bone Broth
  • Inspiring Resources
  • Mama’s Kitchen Essentials

Bonus Features

Bonus Features completes the series with constipation solutions, mama’s shopping list for starting solids, baby’s food diary, nourishing toddler approved recipes, soaking grain instructions, and the Dirty Dozen Clean 15 guide for a chemical-free kitchen.


  • Soaking Grains
  • Constipation Remedies
  • Shopping List for Starting Solids
  • Baby’s Food Diary
  • Dirty Dozen + Clean 15
  • Toddler Approved Recipes

 Holistic Food Introductions eBook Guide $59 CAD

*Ebooks currently sold as a 5-part series

quotemarks  Lisa is an incredibly knowledgeable and truly authentic mama and nutritionist who delivers her message both in person and in her books, with passion and fact.  Her non-judgemental, sincere, and kind-hearted candor make learning from her an absolute joy.  She makes the nitty gritty of nutrition feel totally accessible and do-able.  Very much appreciated from a busy mom of 2!  I would highly recommend her services or ebooks to any mama / family, and I look forward to connecting with her again in the future.”

Stephanie, Mama of 2 ~

quotemarks As a Naturopathic Doctor with a large and busy pediatric practice, I can tell you that food introduction is the single most important consideration for new parents.  A developing gut and immature immune system benefit greatly from an approach that respects and honors a child’s development.  I highly recommend Lisa from Bright Beginnings, and her eBook on Food Introductions for babies!  The information is presented thoroughly, with attention to detail.  Most importantly, it’s accessible, easy to understand and answers many of the common questions new parents struggle with.  This is a life-long gift for your little one.

Dr. Andrea Beaubrun Naturopathic Doctor, Co-Founder Rumina Naturals, Mama of 3 ~

quotemarks  Lisa! Your book has rescued me from the sea of ignorance!  This is my first baby (6.5 months) and I knew nothing about how to introduce solid foods!  We had given him rice cereal twice before I came across your book…. which is now a thing of the past!  We started with a handful of the recipes in your books and he has happily taken them – in fact he has loved everything.  We are so grateful!  Your work and your information have had significant impact on our household!!  Thank you again for your book….it was, I believe, divinely delivered to my hands exactly when I needed it!!”

Jackie, Mama of 1 ~

 Holistic Food Introductions eBooks $59 CAD

*Ebooks currently sold as a 5-part series