There is a connectedness in motherhood that unites us in a desire to nourish + protect our children, setting them up for extraordinary health + a beautiful life.

We have an innate knowing that as mothers, our choices for our children matter.

We have an opportunity to build a strong foundation for our babies, to get them off to a bright + health-full beginning.  There is no better time than now!


 Hi I’m Lisa!  Nutritional Consultant, for Babies. 


I specialize in Holistic Nutrition + Natural Wellness, lighting the way for health-lovin’ Mamas who are committed to nourishing their families the way nature intended.




quotemarksIn my experience as an MD, I have come to appreciate the vital importance of nutrition in prenatal health and early development, and the paucity of high quality information and guidance. Lisa’s approach to nutrition in this delicate and critical time period is rooted in sound knowledge and research, and validated by her own wisdom from tried and tested experience. She walks her talk. Her integrity, along with her warmth and empathy, inspired and empowered me to be able to do the same. I appreciated her practical handout materials, and timely follow-up. As a mother, I felt very validated and supported during this vulnerable time. Truly, Lisa’s passion and dedication to this field are a gift to the health of moms and babes. I wholeheartedly recommend her services in the investment towards the good health of you and your child.”

Dr. Tania Murynka BSc,MD, CCFP(PC), Mama of 1 ~

quotemarksWhen it comes to Holistic Nutrition, there is no one I would recommend more highly than Lisa! Not only does Lisa have a wonderful spirit, she is also brimming full of fresh ideas and inspiration. I had the great pleasure of working with Lisa while introducing solids to my little boy. With Lisa’s passion in pregnancy and infant nutrition, she was the perfect person to help us through this confusing and sometimes overwhelming first step. We are looking forward to continuing this journey with Lisa as my little one grows and as we as a family make some positive life changes to the way we eat. Lisa approaches every situation as a unique challenge and customizes consultations with your individual lifestyle in mind.  She does all this while being warm, engaging and genuinely compassionate: she loves what she does and it shows!”

Robyn Cowie Midwife, Mama of 1 ~

quotemarks It has been an absolute privilege to work alongside Lisa over the past 4 years & to be blessed by the depth of knowledge that she carries regarding all things health, but most notably nutrition. The birth of her most recent child has solidified my faith in her nutritional approach as he is one of the healthiest babes I have ever met: he is truly radiant. Lisa is not only deeply knowledgeable in her craft, she is also extremely passionate about what she does; she practices what she preaches & pours her heart into every moment of it. As a patient of Lisa’s you will be inspired to have the healthiest family possible & will feel deeply nourished by her care, support, wisdom & passion. Lisa is a blessing to the future generations.”

Dr. Sarah Roth (Berrett) ND